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Are You Focused?

The definition of the word “Imperturbable”: very hard to disturb or upset.

Let your new goal be to be a person who is “imperturbable”, as person who is very hard to disturb or upset. Set your mind on your goal and let nothing distract you from it. There was a weekend I had set my mind on just taking time for myself and read, write and rejuvenate. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so many calls, so many people trying to invite me to come, or so many invitations to different events and birthday parties. I had family members who suddenly wanted to visit, and I got so many visitors and people coming to my place or passing by my place. There was such an attempt to try to keep me from doing what I had set my mind on doing. In the past I would have let myself be distracted from all of these things. I would have said yes to everything and everyone, thinking I had to be everything to everyone, and saying no to people was almost something I considered rude. But thankfully I have grown. Now I know the importance of taking time to myself and to rejuvenate, and especially as a writer, it is even more important. There are so many time stealers and energy stealers, which is why it is important to learn to have right discernment and learn to know what is important and what is not.

Do the invitations and events you’re invited to help you progress in your destiny? Does it help you get closer to success? If the answer is no, then it’s time to figure out what really matters the most to you. Do you want to please people? Or do you want to fulfill your destiny, purpose and please God? What matters the most to you? The opinions of other people, or succeeding in fulfilling your purpose, your destiny, your calling and the things you’re destined to do while you are here on earth?

Do I always say no without feeling bad about it? No, I sometimes feel a little bit bad about saying no. but as Maya Angelou said: “When I know better I do better”. Now I know that there is a real battle for my time, my energy and my focus, and for my destiny. Now I know that it is important to say no and set boundaries, and to not allow everything and everyone steal my time and energy. Now I know that there are more important things which need my time, energy and focus, and that is my destiny, my calling and all the people I can help through my gifts and talents. You can know the amount of effect your plans are going to have on the amount of resistance you are getting. If you’re making a plan and you’re getting resistance or distractions, keep focusing and keep pushing. Small things matter, a little bit of time here and there, and a little bit of distractions and time spent here and there will eventually have an effect on your destiny. Spend your time wisely, and learn to say no to things which do not add to your destiny.

Just because I said no and set boundaries that weekend, I was able to write this article for you to read, and maybe it will have ripple effects in your life and you will start setting boundaries and start saying no to the wrong things and the wrong people. Learn to say no to others, and say no to being busy doing the wrong things. Learn to instead be busy on doing the right things, learn to be busy using your god given gifts and talents to fulfill your god given purpose and destiny. Learn to say no to people and yes to the things of God and your destiny. And learn to do it, without feeling guilty about it. Your time matters so use it wisely.

I am so grateful for all the things I said no to that weekend, and I was able to really get some time to myself, get time to read, get time to write and get time to work on my projects, my destiny and get closer to success and greatness. Have you learned to say no? Are setting boundaries, or are you allowing time and energy thieves to steal your time, your energy and your destiny? Are you setting boundaries which allow you to spend the needed amount of time on your projects, so that you can grow into greatness and achieve the success that you want, need and are destined to have? Let me know Your thoughts in the comment section! Stay Blessed!

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