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Called To A Higher Standard

I had a chat with a friend here the other day, and she talked with me about how somebody at her work was being difficult to work with. She could just lash out at somebody for no reason. She said that this person was a Christian and how she couldn't understand that she could just call herself a Christian, and then talk to people and treat them that way. What I didn't tell her is that just the day before I had done something similar to another person, and I didn't even think twice about it. And I had to start thinking about what I had talked with my friend about. Why did I think that I could talk to this person that way and not even think it was wrong? The answer I came to was that, I was starting to treat people, the way they were treating me.

When you are called to leadership, and called to be a leader and a role model for other people, then you just cannot allow yourself to be all emotional, in your feelings and just lash out at people. You are called to a Higher Standard, and the higher in leadership you rise, the more important it is to have a stable character and emotional stability. I needed to confess and repent of my sins, and I needed to get right with God, and maybe you have some things you need to analyze, confess and repent of? Are the way people are treating you affecting your way of treating others? Are you letting the world make you better or bitter? Are you letting the world change you or are you changing the world? It is not before we see our own wrongs that we can do something about them. I hope you will do as I did and analyze your own behavior, and your own way of dealing with difficult people. When you learn to not be offended, and learn to not let other people's behavior negatively affect you, then you are living after a Higher Standard which other people can truly look up to, and become the true Leader you are Called and Destined to be. #HigherStandard #Called #Leader #Destiny

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