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Overcoming Relationships Of The Past

We have all experienced being hurt by the people we have been in relationships with, whether it is has been family, friends, or other people we’ve had relationships with. We can either choose to hold other people and ourselves captive to the things that happened in the past, or set ourselves free and let it go. Maybe somebody hurt you 10 years ago, but maybe they have changed and you're still pointing fingers at what they did and what they used to do. What they did wasn't right, but holding on to other people's past sins and mistakes only keeps you captivated in bitterness and resentment. Let it go and set yourself free. This is not how you want to live. You can forgive, you can let go, and yes you will have better experiences with people in the future. Love like you've never been hurt and learn to love again.

First of all you need to learn to forgive yourself and love yourself, then pass the love and forgiveness onto the other people around you. It is so easy to point our fingers at each other’s flaws, faults and mistakes, but what if we instead started lifting each other up? I bet you also have people in your life who are constantly bringing up your past, your mistakes, reminding you about who you used to be, instead of seeing you for who you are now, and the person you have grown into and become. You are not perfect yet, but you are a work in progress. So are other people, so cut yourself some slack, and do the same with other people. It's a heavy burden to carry a bag filled with the records of wrongs done by yourself and done by other people. It's time to burn up the records of wrongs and start a new life, because it's only through letting go of the past we can fully embrace the future. What are the most difficult things you’ve experienced in relationships? Do you have people in your life who just won’t understand that you are a new person? Are you ready to let go of your own mistakes, and other mistakes? Let me know in the comment section!

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