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Speak Life Into People

You don’t know what kind of struggles people are going through or how little hope people are hanging on to. Don’t take away people’s joy by offering your negative opinion unless someone asks. You don’t know how much it took for them to make the choices they made, you don’t know whether someone is barely making it through, or barely able to get up in the morning.

Don’t knock people down when they are struggling and hanging on to the smallest bit of hope or joy they can get. Don’t take that from them, because you never know when someone feels as if they can barely make it any longer.

Be the one who uplifts, encourages and give people a hand and lifts them up. Be the one who spreads joy, hope and positivity and the one who speaks life into people, when they feel like life is difficult. People may smile and say everything is okay, but they may still struggle and barely be able to make it through each day. Be careful with your words, because your words matter, your words can speak life or death.

When people have difficult choices to make, you don’t help them by offering negative, critical or judgmental opinions without them asking for it. If you’ve never walked in their shoes, been through what they’ve been through or been faced with the same kind of struggles, challenges or difficult choices, then you’re wise to keep your opinions to yourself.

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