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Trust The Process and the Pain

We often hear people say trust the process, but not many people explains to us what the process actually is. If you’re one of those who’s wondering about what the process, is then let me explain:

The Process is Pain. Pure pain in different versions and degrees.

The process is pain in the form of rejection, hurt, heartbreak and disappointment. The process is waiting longer than you want to, it’s long-suffering, it’s seeing other people succeed while you’re still waiting. It’s working harder than anyone else, but seeing half the results. It’s loneliness, it’s crying, it’s wanting to give up, it’s trying again. It’s criticism, it’s going through different kinds of hell, it’s experiencing abuse, injustice and humiliation. It’s experiencing all kinds of things you don’t deserve to experience and go through.

The process is going through pain you don’t deserve to go through, so you can have the Breakthrough and Success you do deserve to have.

If you’re going through all kinds of pain right now I want to tell you again as you might have heard before; Trust The Process.

It’s going to be okay, you’re at the EDGE of BREAKTHROUGH. Don’t give up now, because the Process will deliver you the Promise. The Promised Land of Blessings, Favor and Success which you have been praying for and waiting for.

You’re Not Alone and if you need any prayers, don’t be afraid to send me a message and I will pray for you. I pray you will find Hope, Courage and Strength in whatever you’re going through and eventually Success after you’ve Conquered the Process. You Can Do This!

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