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When You Leave the Wrong Relationships, the Right Things Start to Happen

In the past I've been in relationships and friendships which I subconsciously knew wasn’t good for me. I made many excuses for why I should continue to stay in the relationship or friendship, and I accepted a lot of wrong behavior for a long time. Eventually I found the Strength, Courage and Determination to leave these relationships, as I knew there was something better out there. I knew that relationships are not meant to make you feel alone, it’s not meant to drain you physically, mentally, spiritually and economically, as some of these relationships did.

When I left the wrong friendships and relationships, the Right Things started to happen. I started to find out who I really am outside of a relationship, and when I found myself, I found my Purpose and Destiny.

I believe that some things enter our lives as a distraction and to deter us from being our greatest selves. That’s why it’s so important to figure out what things and which people belongs in your life, and what and who doesn’t. Do the things you entertain and the people you have in your life enhance your true authentic self and your destiny? Do you feel like you have to change to be in a relationship or a friendship? Do these friendships and relationships make you have to change who you are, and compromise and change your morals, values and beliefs? If so it’s possible that these people are more a distraction from your purpose rather than someone who brings you closer to fulfilling your life purpose.

Evaluate the things you spend time on, and the people you spend time with. Sometimes changing your environment can save your life and bring you greater things, and greater success and happiness than what you are experiencing now. If you're not happy, get to the root of the problem and start working on finding a solution, so you can live Your Best Life.

Have you ever left bad relationships or friendships and experienced breakthroughs in your life? If so feel free to comment and share your personal experience.

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