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Jeanette Coron is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Hit-maker, Blogger and Author. She grew up attending the local dance and theatre group, and her passion for music and entertaining grew bigger. She once read a quote by Leo Buscaglia which says: “Your talents are God’s gift to you, what you do with those talents is your gift to God.“ This quote inspired her to use her gifts and talents as a musician and writer.

She’s an author who has published several books; the books

"Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover", "Destined for Greatness", "A Love Like This" and her newest novel "Home Is Where the Heart Is".

She has published several music albums like "Not That Kind of Girl", an EP called "God is Gracious" and her newest release "Coronation".

She has been on a music tour, been featured in newspapers, published several music videos and she also writes and composes music for other artists.

She’s a Singer, Songwriter, Topline-Writer and Composer who can create that Top 40, Radio Hit Song. She's received guidance by people who have worked with artist like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor and other Big Names in the music game. Her upcoming album has been produced by producers who has worked with artists like Sia, J.Lo, Ashanti, 50 Cent  to name a few.

For more info about Jeanette Coron press the contact button below.

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