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This book is about digging deeper within yourself and other people, so that you can be the best that you can be for yourself and those around you. It’s not too late to change your life for the better; you haven’t made too many mistakes.


Your past does not define your future, and your beginning does not define your end.  You can heal from the hurt, abuse, disappointments and difficulties that you have experienced. Take the first step on your journey to healing and recovery and read this book. 

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover; 

because you never know what kind of Valuable Treasures you can find. 


You have Seeds of Greatness within you and within you there are Great Gifts, Talents and Opportunities waiting to be discovered. All of us were born seeds of greatness, but a seed needs to be planted, nurtured and cultivated to reach its fullest potential.

To fulfill your Destiny and achieve Greatness, there are certain things needed to be done to achieve the Massive Success you desire. This book is about overcoming the obstacles that we can meet on our way to fulfilling our destiny. In this book you'll learn how to overcome them so you can live your life to the fullest, the way you were destined to. This book is written as a 150 day devotional which can help you focus on improving and changing your life, One day at a time, One devotional at a time and One step at a time.

Knowledge is power, and with the right knowledge you'll have the Power to Access the Keys you need to open Your door to Success and Greatness. Are You Ready to take your Destiny to the Next Level?

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           'Book Excerpt'

 'Fields of Gold':

"Growing up in the country was idyllic as a child. We had golden fields of barley on both sides of our house. We had a large outdoor space with grass that was sparkling green. Our neighbors had a farm with horses and different kinds of animals which I could see from my house all day long. Sometimes I went there and was allowed to ride the horses.


Looking back on this idyllic childhood with ‘fields of gold’, justified the ‘jealous sky’ and the difficulties I’d been put through by jealous and insecure people, and this gave some kind of comfort in the years to come..."


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